Free Basketball Games

Free basketball games offer young kids the opportunity to a play basketball game without the cost. They don’t need to worry about finding a basketball court or a ball or even friends to play with. They don’t even need to worry about paying any hard earned money the next NBA video game.

Free Basketball Games – Sources and types

Free basketball games come in many different sizes and forms. You can play the games on sites such as,, and The other way of playing a basketball game for free is by downloading them. Downloadable basketball games more often than not offer much better games than other basketball games you see on the websites. This is because they were manufactured by private companies specifically to advertise their site or service. For example has a game category for literally every type of game from puzzles to shooter games etc. But a game developer may only specialise in basketball games which will mean you’d be getting a better quality game because they are specialised in that field.

The biggest problem you may find with free basketball games are the downloads themselves as you might encounter download problems. There is a reason a company has made the download free. In most cases you will have to provide a real email address (and verify it) and you will be added to a mailing list. This is how they make their money from free basketball games. The companies will usually offer a product that is not free and they will promote this via email. They also could have live ads while you play the basketball game. One suggestion is to create an email or two just for online games so your main email address doesn’t get flooded.

Another method used is to provide a limited or trial version to download and offer the upgrade to the full program for a price. For example if you surf to you will find many free trials of games. These restricted versions will either come with a time limit or restrained gameplay. If you were playing an NBA 2K12 free trial you would get to play one match.

Free Basketball Games – Use Caution

But if this is your choice with downloads go ahead, but also be aware of the possibility of spyware or even electronic viruses. The game manufactures will probably not make the virus but depending on the site you download the game from, it’s possible that you may encounter problems. To stay safe you can download antivirus and anti-spyware software to combat this problem with free basketball games. (Honestly, to connect your computer online at all, you should have good anti-virus and anti-spyware installed – period).

As I mentioned before, you will get what you pay for. The more you spend on a basketball game the more quality you will get because the manufacturers required more money to make the game. NBA2K12 is the most you can spend on a basketball game and it’s regarded as the best basketball simulation game out there at the moment. Obviously playing some free basketball games from the internet is not going to harbour the same level quality but they are enough to amuse yourself for a few minutes to even several hours.

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